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Signage Plan FAQs

What is the purpose of the York Farm Fresh signs?

To promote locally grown farm fresh produce and related farm products throughout York Region by means of identifiable signage.


What is the cost of a sign?


Per application there is an administration fee of $150 +HST

Per sign manufacture and installation of each sign costs $300 + HST

Therefore if you were applying for 3 signs the price would be $339 x 3 = $1017 paid to York Region plus $169.50 paid to York Farm Fresh Association.

How many signs can I request?

Each farm location is eligible for a maximum of six signs.

What happen if my sign is damaged?

If a sign is damaged due to an accident or becomes in a state of disrepair, the farm owner will be responsible for the purchase of a new sign.  Please contact York Farm Fresh Association.

What is required to qualify for the signage program?

  • Must be a member in good standing, of the York Farm Fresh Association.

  • Farm must be in York Region.

  • Must have parking available for customers, completely on private property.

  • Must promote the farm through publications, media and other promotional means.

  • Farm does not have Tourism Signs.


How do I apply?

Complete the application form, and submit payment, directly to the York Farm Fresh Association for eligibility review and approval.

On approval, the application will be forwarded to York Region. York Region will review the sign locations indicated on the application form.  Manufacture and installation of the signs will be requested once review is completed.


How long will the sign take to be installed?

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for submission review, manufacture and installation of the signs.


What size are the signs?


Each sign includes:

Farm Fresh Logo Header     90 cm x 30 cm

Farm Name Tab                    60 cm x 30 cm

How to I contact York Farm Fresh?

Please contact:

Tammi Taylor


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