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Pick your Own Etiquette - Strawberry

Strawberry plants susceptible to a wide variety of threats. When visiting a farm it is important to remember how delicate nature is. Crops each season are a limited resource and the farms rely on the income generated. Often farmers are inviting us onto their family home to enjoy an afternoon of picking. Be mindful and consider the suggestions from some of our members below. Happy harvesting!

  • Please pay for what you pick ... if you don't intend on buying please don't enter fields

  • Sampling is permitted (3 - 4 berries), meals are not

  • We all love dogs but unfortunately they are not permitted in the fields

  • Strollers are not permitted in the fields, they are too damaging

  • You will be more comfortable in closed toe shoes vs flip flops or sandals

  • Walk on the straw rows to avoid stepping on and damaging the plant rows

  • Bringing you own container can reduce your price and make for easier transporting

  • Cash is easiest method of payment, wireless service can be spotty in the fields

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