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Sharon Creek Farm #23

Tucked up on a winding path from Second Concession is a magical place called Sharon Creek Farm. A variety of livestock greet you along the drive, all rare breeds in need of conservation.  Chicken, ducks and geese are raised on pasture in season and are free ranging.

When the property was purchased by fifth generation farmer Sally, it had not been farmed in many years. A great deal of work went into restoring the soil. With very little level land the farm is not suited to conventional agriculture, but is ideal for fruit. There were many old apple and pear trees which provide fruit for cider, juice and animal treats.  An assortment of fruit such as black raspberries, gooseberries, black currants, Haskap berries, chums, plumcots, European pears, Asian pears, apples, and sea buckthorn berries are grown.

Sally is passionate about conservation and bringing healthy food to people. The farm achieved organic certification in 2015 and is organized according to the principles of permaculture with integrated mixed livestock. Sheep and goats are used to clean up orchard drops and control grass and brush in steep areas not accessible to a mower. 

Farm gate sales of pastured duck, goose and chicken eggs available along with certified organic fruits, vegetables and several varieties of garlic. Sally also spins and knits the fleece from their sheep. Number 23 on our guide map, they are open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, call ahead on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Located up the drive at 18805 Second Concession in Newmarket.

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