Sweet Sweet Corn

Peaches and Cream, Yellow, Super Sweet ... What do all the varietals mean?

See below from Foodland Ontario

Ontario grows three types of sweet corn: normal, sugar-enhanced and supersweet. Each contains three different colour groups: yellow, bicolour (yellow-and-white) and white.

Sugar content of the traditional normal type varies from 9 to 16 per cent, compared to the 14 to 44 per cent range in the others.

The natural sugars in normal and sugar-enhanced corns eventually convert to starch, causing the kernels to lose sweetness and become tough. But that doesn't happen with supersweet corn, making it particularly desirable when there's a delay between harvest and consumption.

Nothing matches the quality of same day picked corn. Varieties found locally include Honey Select, Triple Sweet, Navajo and Temptress! There's a few weeks to test them all to find your favourite flavour!

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