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Rhubarb Preserving

Rhubarb and strawberry are a delicious combination. If only they would harvest at the same time! Luckily our YFF Member, Sally Shearman the farmer of Sharon Creek Farm, has some easy tips to preserve rhubarb when plentiful.

Buy in bulk when it is in season. Then simply wash and cut stems into 1 inch long pieces. Put them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer. No need to blanch or do any other prep.

If you weigh and mark the weights on the bags as you freeze them, they are ready to put in all your favourite rhubarb recipes.

Given that strawberry rhubarb combinations are popular, and they do not crop at the same time, this is a perfect way to have your rhubarb ready to combine with strawberries in strawberry season.

Thank you Sally!!

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